Monday, June 11, 2012

A Little Brunch Party

Having a one-night stand? Thinking about having a one-night stand? Well, if your trick earns it, invite them to stay over for brunch! Brunch is for those with real jobs and the gainfully unemployed, either way, anyone who can brunch obviously doesn't have to work on the weekends. Brunch in the city is probably the antithesis to sunday worship as it's a cure for the common hangover, it's extremely gay friendly and like most meals, it's a celebration of gluttony. There's really nothing better than getting fancy egg concoctions at a reasonable hour of the morning. There's also fewer things better than a mimosa or a bloody mary. Here in Chicago, most places offer unlimited cocktails with your eggs for about twenty dollars. If you are poor, twenty dollars is a lot of money, especially if you have to pay for your date. Eggs are cheap, make brunch at home with these simple ideas. Or go to McDonalds, they have a pretty awesome "brunch" menu too. A McMuffin is basically drive-thru eggs benedict.

My First Time Eggs Benedict

Until I made this, I had never had eggs benedict. I don't like runny yolks and hollandaise sauce always looked weird. I still don't like it, but my plus-one is a huge fan of E.B. He said this recipe was "the bomb" so I assume it's pretty good. Hollandaise calls for vinegar, I hate the smell and, like mayo, avoid cooking with it completely. Instead, I used creme fraiche and lemon juice. Definitely ask your trick to help you out with this, it's easy but there's a lot going on at once. (This recipe is not healthy)

You will need the following: 

2 English muffins (toasted)
4 slices Canadian bacon
chopped chives 
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 c creme fraiche
3 egg yolks
4 eggs (poached)
2 sticks butter

Step 1: In a mixing bowl, whisk together yolks, creme fraiche and lemon juice. Melt butter and whisk it in. Set aside.

Step 2: Poach your eggs while the bacon is heating in a skillet. Poaching eggs is super easy. Crack an egg into boiling water with a pinch of lemon juice. Boil for about 3-5 minutes. Poach eggs individually. 

Step 3: Assemble




World's Best Mimosa
If you don't know how to make this, you don't even deserve to have one. Add one glass (or bottle)  of champagne to a splash of orange juice for color.  

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  1. Once again, I loved it. I also, like your +1 love eggs benedict, but I do fry my egg so it is cooked. Good Job, JJ!