Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Little Warm Up

There comes a point in every relationship when you learn what kind of pornography the other is into. Apropos of nothing, my plus-one recently revealed a new video he enjoys starring a man named Stu. My initial thought was there's no way anyone that good looking is actually named "Stu." My second thought was of all the porno names you could choose, Stu is a pretty solid because it reminds me of things that are hot and beefy. Well done Stu. This one's for you!

I got this enameled cast iron beauty for Christmas exclusively for the purpose of braising meats. The last one I had was a thrift store find which unfortunately didn't live very long. This bad boy cost a pretty penny which is why it was a gift from my parents. I know they're technically called "dutch ovens" but I just can't say it without thinking of the practice that single-handedly ruined my parents' marriage. As far as I'm concerned, no kitchen is complete without this $200 cooking vessel.

Friday, February 27, 2015

A Little Milestone

No, this ain't that kinda milestone. Don't let that adorable Fishs Eddy tea towel fool you, we can't afford to get married - not with a cat applying to Princeton in the fall.  It's the 100th installment of The Little Dinner Party! When I began this endeavor three and a half long years ago, I thought I'd be famous by now. Unless you print out this weekly blog and bind it together like a real book (as I do) it's not a coffee table book yet. Apparently it takes a lot more to get famous than just being a precocious child or a cute animal. If you have the secret, illuminati me. ∆ 

Maybe the secret to fame is working hard and updating once a week. Why can't it be working as hard as I feel like and updating randomly? In any case, in honor of our 100th post, I present this beautiful cake! To be honest, I'm really reaching for an excuse to make cake these days. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Little Valentine's Special

Valentine's Day is a very special time at The Little Dinner Party. There's a heart shaped cake, chalky hearts, lovemaking and homemade paper-craft cards. To those of you who got my Marie Antoinette Valentines this year, you're welcome, and for those of you who didn't - you know what you did. Let me eat cake I say, as I reach my fork back into another slice of chocolate-cherry cake (See Instagram). 

I think a lot of people have a huge Valentines misconception, as exemplified by those god awful overstuffed teddy bears and fake roses near the check-out at Walgreens. Also Spotify ads are slowly trying to turn Valentine's Day into the second coming of Christmas. Just because you can advertise new tires as a romantic gift, does not mean they are. I've yet to meet the woman or gay man who wants new tires as a gift. I will take a candle-lit dinner at the Waffle House though. 

I may forget to shower or take my medication, but I never miss a holiday. Holidays, no matter what they symbolize are an excuse to break your diet and eat something delicious, be it a lobster pot pie or a Whitman's Sampler. You've earned it, I bet. My mom always made Valentine's Day special and I plan to do the same thing for the kids I never plan to have. Kids wouldn't appreciate lobster pot pie anyway. If it's just the two of you this year, treat yourself to some god damned decadence. I'm not sure why I equate lobster with romance, but I do. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Little Cooking Lesson: Calzones

There are situations in life that only a calzone can cure, most of which take place after an evening of heavy drinking. My guilty pleasure, when I indulge in delivery, is a calzone from Sarpino's. I'd be ashamed of it if it weren't so gosh darned good. No matter from which of their plentiful locations you order, it somehow arrives at your door before you can slip into your best Snuggy. This delightful treat reminds me of when I was a fatty in middle school and spent my weekends on the phone with Pizza Hut ordering P'zones. Other than the freezer of Sarpino's, I have no idea what the origins of the calzone are. What I do know is that it's basically a small pizza folded in half, and I like that.