Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Banner Year at the Little Dinner Party

 Crafty Banner for Christmas

By the looks of this festive banner, I'd say I have way too much time on my hands. Christmas time is probably the best time of the entire year. I love it so much I do pointless busy work (see photo above). Nothing says Holly Jolly quite like a banner that says Holly Jolly. It was actually just as easy as it looks and provides my family (of cats) with hours of holiday cheer! 

First, get all this stuff:

(I used a paper cutter to make the flags and printed letters in different fonts.)

Next, cut out letters and boarder with glitter. Warning: Don't breath glitter, mesothelioma is the number one killer of lonely crafters. 

Then string all your banner-ables onto ribbon and hang by the chimney with care. 

The season has officially begun, even though I've already been celebrating for weeks.

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