Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Little Etiquette Craft

They Say that Breaking Up is Card to Do..

Anyone who knows me knows I love making cards on my Silhouette paper cutter. Every occasion should be met with a handmade card, even the unpleasant ones. I've always wondered why there aren't break-up cards, it's a simple idea really. Nobody wants to have the uncomfortable break-up talk over text or Facebook chat, but these days it happens more often than not. Another terrible way to break up with someone (though it's my personal favorite) is the old fade-out, in which you pretty much just stop talking. I find that one to be more typical of city folk who date casually for shorter periods of time. If you're like me, the break-up talk is generally coming from the other person, so when I have to do it to somebody, face-to-face seems like the worst thing ever. If Sex & the City taught us anything it's that you can't (or shouldn't) break up with someone via post-it note. I made this card instead, a thoughtful and crafty way to honor what could have been...

Personalize it with a humorous quote from a movie you guys once watched together. Ya know, to soften the blow. 

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