Sunday, October 21, 2012

Caramel Popcorn Ball Party Favors

Popcorn Balls!

I love seasonal balls. I had a party over the weekend and I knew I really wanted to make these balls, I gave them out as take-home party favors. If I have a bunch of these around, I'll eat them all and rip out my dental work in the process. During the fall, my family used to trek out to a little farm every weekend to load up on these old-fashioned treats. Little did I know how easy they are to make! I prefer this Kraft caramel cube recipe because it's a classic and because it doesn't turn your popcorn into Cracker Jack. It's less of a glaze and more of a dense, chewy caramel. Also, making caramel is sort of an annoying step. Instead, assign the unwrapping of caramel cubes to someone with busy hands. This is a fun recipe to do in a group. *Don't lazy bones it and use microwave popcorn, it does not taste the same! 

You will need the following

1 bag caramel cubes
1/2 c popcorn = 2 quarts popped
olive oil 
sea salt
2 tbsp water
some butter (for your hands)
razor blades (optional)

Step 1: Make popcorn, season only with salt. While popcorn cools, melt caramel over low heat with water until creamy and smooth.

Step 2: Arrange a work area first, once caramel is liquidy, you have a short time before it starts to harden again. 

Step 3: Pour caramel over popcorn and mix thoroughly, the idea is that every kernel gets a little caramel. 

Step 4: Use butter like a bar of soap and get your hands all greasy. Scoop popcorn out in handfuls and form into balls. Chill in fridge for a few minutes when finished. 

Wrap and distribute, great for Trick-or-Treaters..

And yet, there's still more fun Halloween stuff coming up!

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