Monday, January 5, 2015

A Little Meatloaf Monday

No, you're not dreaming - this is the update you've been waiting with bated breath for. Looks like the last time I updated was right when my Fleetwood Mac obsession set in and now I'm practically over it.

Now that you're caught up on my life, I'd like to know a little bit about yours - but only until it's appropriate for me to start talking about myself again.

In the months between posts: I quit a baking job, shortly worked as a telemarketer, and then quit all my jobs and started a full-time office job downtown, like the grown woman I've always wanted to be. I also sublet my petite shit-hole apartment so that my cat can have a daddy, again. Between pawning my apartment off, and being a successful woman in the go-go 2010s - I've hardly had time to sit down and write about the fabulous dinner parties we've been hosting in our unfurnished apartment. The holidays were a busy blur as usual, but only because I was drunk. One of the best gifts I got this year is this amazing new logo my older brother designed. My gift is my blog and this one's for you. 

Apple-Fennel Meatloaf with Roasted Sweet Potato

While the cat's away the rat will play, a fiddle apparently. While my vegetarian plus-one was away, clowning on the high seas, I played with a lot of meat, and I also ate some dead animals. This autumnal meal is simple, almost fancy and very economical. Meatloaf works with many flavor profiles, and is often a hodgepodge of whatever you have around. Sweet potatoes are the best side dish, because they're versatile and they stay good forever. Cut them however you like and season to taste. Roast in the oven with the meatloaf. I'd like to say this was for a dinner party, but I'm a fatass and food was all I had to comfort me while I cried myself to sleep, last month. 

you will need the following: 

1 lb ground dead animal
1 egg
crumbs of 1 dinner roll
1/4 c milk
1/2 diced yellow onion
1/2  diced apple 
 1 tsp fennel seed
salt & pepper

Step 1: Preheat oven to 375° - Soak breadcrumbs in milk until fully absorbed. Mix thoroughly until the consistency of baby food. Add meat, egg, and all other ingredients. 

Step 2: Wash your hands first if you're having company, otherwise just really get right in there and mix it up with your paws. Elbow deep, don't stop, not until you're sure it's thoroughly combined. 

Step 3: Turn out onto a cookie sheet and form into a little meatbaby. Slather your meatbaby in catsup, ketchup if you fancy....
By now you've had an hour to drink away your loneliness. It's dinner time and you worked hard - enjoy yourself. 

Happy New Year! To old habits and new failures! 

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